Main-danube canal: renovation causes a stir

A few days before the anniversary of the controversial main-danube canal, the planned construction of two new locks is causing a stir. One option would be to build the locks at the existing site, which would mean a five-year closure of the waterway, said the president of the water and shipping directorate sud (WSD) in wurzburg, detlef aster, on friday to the news agency, dpa. "We assume, however, that this option is not economically viable."

The alternative is a new building next to the ailing kriegenbrunn and erlangen locks, aster stressed. According to WSD, this variant costs between 160 and 180 million euros per lock. The two locks had already been refurbished in 2008 and 2009. The safety standards, however, were only sufficient for ten years. Therefore, a new construction is inevitable.

Using wildflecken’s military history for tourism

Using Wildflecken's military history for tourism

"We have a unique selling point: our military history", said wildflecken's mayor gerd kleinhenz (PWW) at the final workshop on the new tourism concept for the market town. "We are a troop replacement site municipality. There are close emotional ties of former soldiers of the federal army and the u.S. Army, who have served and lived in wildflecken for many years. We can use this potential for tourism."

Kleinhenz also went into the history of the resettled villagers on the troop reclamation site. The second- and third-generation descendants will take an even greater interest in the future in where their ancestors came from, the head of the town council is certain. The municipality would like to attract even more short holidaymakers, day-trippers, nature lovers, families and holidaymakers from the rhône region.

Wastewater project was a cross for the burgpreppach market

wastewater project was a cross for the burgpreppach market

What is true for a long time, finally becomes good. This sentence could be heard at the inauguration of the new clear plant of the "heimbachschiene" several times he listens and he resembles a sigh of stubbornness. That's understandable, since the market has been focusing on the issue of the clear system since 1984, as mayor karlheinz denninger (gemeinwohl) said.

Manfred keller from the water management office in bad kissingen explained that the new clear plant for 1100 residents was designed as a submersible dripper plant with mixed water treatment and that the demand was based on a construction cost of 4.8 million euros. With just under 42 percent demand, this would mean grants of around two million euros.

Bosnia star zack wright interviewed

Bosnia star zack wright interviewed

"I am already tired", said zachary wright after the 57:62 opening defeat "of his" teams of bosnia and herzegovina against latvia at the european championship in group B in jesenice. The new brose baskets' point guard at times dragged himself around the field of the podmezakla arena, where the cracks of slovenia's most famous field hockey club usually skate, as if he had been in a serious fight in an ice hockey game. But when the 28-year-old, 1.89-meter big man stepped on the gas, made the game fast and even went to the basket himself, the bosnians were also successful. We talked to wright, who comes from texas and has already been around a lot in europe.

If you advance one round with your team, you might meet germany with your new teammates from bamberg, karsten tadda and maik zirbes. What do you think about it?
Zack wright: that would be cool. We have already played against each other at the supercup and talked, but an EM is something else. But we have to take one step at a time before we can look forward to a duel with germany.

Suspected mafia member arrested in moers, germany

Suspected mafia member arrested in moers, germany

According to reports in italian media, the dusseldorf prosecutor general's office only confirmed to dpa the arrest of antonio S. About two weeks ago. He could not comment on a possible mafia background, said senior public prosecutor markus caspers.

According to information from the italian media, the man arrested belongs to one of the families involved in the mafia murders in duisburg. In august 2007, six people were shot dead outside an italian restaurant in duisburg.

Federal government demands wm visa for journalist seppelt

federal government demands wm visa for journalist seppelt

"We consider this acceptance by the russian authorities to declare mr. Seppelt’s visa invalid to be wrong," said government spokesman steffen seibert in berlin. "We appeal to the russian leadership to allow this german correspondent to enter the country to report on the world soccer championship"."

FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, should also "emphatically" support the granting of visas to seppelt, seibert demanded. Free reporting on the world cup must be guaranteed. "We are of the opinion that it is bad manners for russia as a host to so obviously curtail the freedom of press and opinion in front of the eyes of the world."

Kulmbach’s ob schramm promises further answers after the end of all investigations

Kulmbach's ob schramm promises further answers after the end of all investigations

As kathrin limmer, head of the municipal and social affairs department at the district office in kulmbach, told the bayerische rundschau in response to a query, "the results and presentations of the public prosecutor’s office known to us so far (…) no basis for any disciplinary action. Sufficient factual evidence for misconduct or malfeasance must be established. For criminal violations with official relevance are not given according to the findings of the prosecutor’s office."

The landratsamt is responsible both for the legal supervision of the city of kulmbach in accordance with the bavarian municipal code and for enforcing disciplinary law against the chief burgomaster in accordance with the provisions of the bavarian disciplinary law. In this respect, it is competent to.

Change of leadership in the association for the protection of abused women

Change of leadership in the association for the protection of abused women

It has taken a lot of effort over the past few years to keep the ship on course. Now the entire management team of the association for the protection of abused women is stepping back into the second row. Not out of resentment or spite, as christa kroncke emphasizes. "I have been thinking for years that a breath of fresh air is needed." And she has already decided several times to resign from the executive committee. "But then other women dropped out again and again, and we had to cope with the financial crisis."

But now it is good and the time is right to clear the field. Especially since kerstin nagel, another member of the executive board, will be traveling abroad a lot and therefore lacks the time to take care of coburg's concerns with the necessary intensity. And brigitte waldmann-forkel, the third member of the group, also wanted to take some time off, but will continue to be available to the association.

In coburg, twelve chestnut trees must be replaced

Since 1987, twelve chestnut trees have been standing in the gustav-hirschfeld-ring and are thus still relatively young. Actually they had at least 50 years ahead of them. The damage is now so severe that the land office is forced to take action and cut down the trees.

The reasons for this are complex, says bernhard ledermann, head of the land office. The chestnuts are infested with the chestnut leaf miner and weakened by subsequent fungal diseases. "Moreover, the trees have too little root space", ledermann explains. In addition, there is the extreme drought in the past years. "Due to all these circumstances, the chestnuts have shown a significant loss of vitality", says ledermann. Although the chestnuts have been standing for a good 30 years, they look pretty rough, ledermann explains.

Green, relaxed, high-quality

Green, relaxed, high-quality

In the coming year, the excavators will roll in – and breitengubbach will be given a new face around the town hall, church and festival square. What this could look like has become concrete. A planning office from berlin won the "urban and open space planning ideas and implementation competition" crowned winner.

The 4. July 2019 was certainly one of the most important days in the history of breitengubbach. 13 architectural firms took part in the europe-wide competition. The designs and the results were presented one day later.