The demand for BIM and Construction Technologies started to grow exponentially around 2012.  Governments, industries and clients across the world were mandating, contracting and expecting a digitised approach to their built projects.


Marketing within the industry lead to Design Teams and Contractors  increasingly being encouraged to communicate and deliver beyond their comfort zones, and often beyond their scope; all in the pursuit of BIM.


Collaborate founders realised during the many project negotiation and initiation meetings; BIM Protocols, BIM Management / Execution Plans and other BIM project responsibilities were often leading to confusion. Although they seemed to agree upon the end goal, the path to get there and definitions of key terminology utilised seemed to differ significantly from company to company.  This realisation was the first step towards Collaborate and key people from large enterprise began the challenge of forming this group.


In 2016 the leadership was now busier then ever in their full time BIM roles. Particularly as BIM and Construction Technologies had started to saturate the industry. So rather than initiate their own focus projects Collaborate decided to become the volunteer group to review industry Policy or Guidance documents and assist in making them work for practical application.


Collaborate now have a group of affiliate teams from across Australia and New Zealand that help us in a push - pull of industry challenges to be taught and reviewed. These range from State Government levels, to Industry Bodies and Local BIM User Groups.


Collaborate believe they are delivering a service by connecting industry closer together with these projects. They hope that you experience a clearer view of BIM in Australia and  New Zealand and that you also share your expertise with the AECO industry as they do.

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